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Irimi, Aszra, Azja Bej, Anuszka,

Polish Best Blue Kennel 2006, 2007 and 2008
ASZRA Best Breeding Female 2006, 07, 08, 2009,
and Best in Show Veteran of Polish Club 2009
Best Breeding Group of Hungarian Club 07, 08, 2009
Best Breeding Group of Austrian Club 2009

of Polish Club 2006 and 2007
Best Couple of Hungarian & Lithuanian Club 07


Our danes are with us for years. They live with us, have their rights and their...sofas. We share with them our house and teach them to keep the house and garden clean. Sometimes we succed, sometimes we just to have work harder to keep everything in order.
Our son was born and grown up with a dane, later he assisted when puppies were born and now our Armin is for puppies the most tender "baby-sitter". That's why we believe that great dane is a perfect dog for families who want to have a dearest friend, a playmate for kids, and a brave defender. Great danes are wonderful for their beauty but the most impressive is their character: tender and docile with kids and friends, they will defend their human "family" and never betray their owner.

We and our danes

When I was a child, our neighbours had a blue great dane, a female named Asta. I was in love with her...Later we moved to the other house. I haven't seen a blue great dane for years. I met my future friend, Joanna with her great dane, a blue female Azja (AZJA FINA z Łużycy). Azja had wonderful character. Calm and steady, very obedient, she loved to play with friends (people and dogs), but eager to defend Joanna who she loved with all her heart. The same was her daughter, India (INDIA Patland after IZMIR z Łużycy), which Asia gave to me as a gift and I promised to give her one puppy from future India's litter.
India lived for 12 years. She loved my husband and our son Armin. She was watching after him while we were together in the park and I wanted to skate a bit. She went with us on holidays. And she was very tender to our little son. India herself didn't have puppies. She died in 1995. I didn't want to have a next great dane. And I didn't suppose that I will be able to keep a promise I made to Joanna.
After 2 years we decided to move from the city center to my family house and my husband gave me a present: a little blue puppy. Of course it was a great dane and a female. I wasn't sure I wanted it. But Andrzej insisted and in 1997, in May, we went to Torun, to Monika Dowgiallo who owned Herbu Zadora kennel. When I saw puppies I knew that one will be mine. We chose Zuzia (SUZANNE VEGA Herbu Zadora). We came back to Torun with her after 14 months, on her first show. It was my husband who completed the registration form and as he was doing it for the first time in his life, he made a mistake and instead of junior class he choose open class. I was on the ring with four other females, next to me was Zuzia's breeder, Monika, and Zuzia won her class and after she was Best of Breed. We went to the Honour Ring, but it was my 5years old son who wanted to show his Zuzia to the public and he did it and Zuzia seemed to be very calm young lady (in fact she has a great temperament). We were all very proud of them! And of course we decided to participate in other shows, trying to achieve a Junior Championship. We managed in 2 months. Next year Zuzia completed her adult championship. Then my husband had registered our "kennel". Soon we realized that Zuzia didn't like shows. And I, working full-time as a journalist and at home, didn't want puppies. At last, when she was already 4 years old, we had decided: the A litter came in the summer 2001.
Zuzia's husband was junior european champion (2000) LOUIS Medium (breeder Beata Fedak). Litter "A" (august 2001) was wonderful and very numerous. We've grown up 4 males and 7 females. All have wonderful families and with most of their owners we keep in touch. Finally I could offer to Joanna Milewska a great dane puppy to thank her once again for India. So in Korabiewice lives Samcia Aksamitka Modry Efekt.
In our house stayed my beloved ASZRA Modry Efekt, and in this way we start our adventure with great danes. Aszra is one of the best blue great danes females in Poland, in 2006 she won a title of best breeding female of all colours she has won many times in many countries. In 3 years she has gained 4 national championships and the title of Interchampion.
In march 2003 Zuzia was a mother for a second time, litter B, and the father was, again from Medium kennel, young and very promissing IZYDOR Medium.
Litter C
(april 2004) are Aszra's kids. We took her to Italy to Danilo Dozio and his kennel del Regno di Fantasia. Aszra's husband was black Hannover.
Litter D
(april 2005) - are BIJOU Modry Efekt puppies.
For the second and most probably last mating for Aszra I wanted something special. I felt in love with very elegant black great dane CACAO de Garaba. It seemed crazy to go to Spain, espescially in winter. But I did it "with a little help of my friend" a breeder of fawn danes much more experted than me. I think it was a brilliant idea - judge yourself looking on litter "E".
With us lives second Aszra daughter, ESPAGNOLA, finally blue and such as I've "ordered" from her mummy.
CZARINA's daughter of course black... Black danes are really beautifull. We will see how little black GALIZIA after Cacao de Garaba and Czarina will grow.

And so the story goes....
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